Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Its been way too long since our last post!!

Hello everyone!

Landen is doing so well! Two weeks ago the doctors put in a stomach tube. He had the nose tube, and it was just making him gag and not be able to keep his food down. I don’t blame the kid! I wouldn't want a tube down my throat 24/7 either!! The doctors said that it was going to be some time before he was able to take all his nutrition by mouth and that the stomach tube would really benefit him. Its a little more work than before but sooooo worth it. His nutrition intake has gone way up, and he’s able to keep down much more of his food! He loves working with his therapists and they are working very hard on range of motions and motor development, and for the most part he is doing excellent. His cardio follow ups have gone from twice a week down to one time a week. Eventually they'll be quarterly. He is such a happy little guy, and he is such a blessing in our home! Like I've always said if he can fight and smile through all this, so can we!! Thanks for all the love and support!

Joe Tam & Fam... Especially the Lion!!