Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alomst 5 Months Post Transplant

THought we would add some photos since its been a while. Landen is doing well. He's fighting a little rejection right now, but the doctors said it isn't too bad, in fact they said that if he were further out post transplant they probably wouldn't even treat for it. He along with our other 3 children are such blessings in our life. Landen is always smiling, and so happy, even though he's gone through so much. Thanks to all our friends and family who continue to love and support us.

Love Joe Tam and Fam, Especially the Lion!!


  1. So glad to see him doing so well. He looks so happy in each picture - and he's not really standing in that second one, is he? :)

  2. So glad he's doing so well. He's so cute!