Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrate Life Memorial

I was asked to speak at the Celebrate Life Memorial last weekend. I was so nervous going into the event, because it would be the most people I have ever spoken in front of and it being such an emotional topic. At this event they would be unveiling the new names that have been engraven on the monument. These are people who have donated an organ or given years worth of blood. These are the people, who saved my baby boys life, amoung many others that they have saved. I am so grateful for them, but how do I express that. How do you say thank you for such a gift. This is the speech I came up with. It was not perfect, but I just hope it delivered the message. The message of gratitude and also the miracle that can come from tragedy. Copy and paste this link to watch the video.

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  1. Oh Tammy, that was so neat and touching. I think it captured what was in your heart just beautifully. What a neat experience for you and for all who were there. What a handsome and cute boy "Lion" has become too!