Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Landen...

As mentioned in the previous post...Landen celebrated his 1st birthday last week. We had hoped that he would have eaten his cake (I even made him two kinds because I was not sure which he would like). But with two infections and a fever...I wanted nothing to do with cake, or any food. Although his birthday was not as we had planned...we are so grateful for it. Almost one year ago I was so excited to finally take my little boy home. He had been in the NICU at Primary's for 9 weeks. It had been the longest 9 weeks of my life (up until that point...transplant list seemed even longer)...Anyhow, I was getting ready to bring this little guy home. We still knew that he had a long way to go, but we thought we were improving since we were able to bring him home. As I sat there with him in my arms waiting for Joe to come so we could finally bring him home his cardiologist for that week came in. I know she had good intentions, but it was still hard to hear. She asked me if I knew the long term plan for Landen. I told her that I thought I did. She then told me that they did not think he would last a year. That was the first time him not making it was directly mentioned. I, of course, started to cry. I knew that we had a long road, but for some reason I was not prepared to hear that my baby probably would not make it. I understand know that I needed to know the severity of his case. I needed to know how bad his heart was. In a way she was correct. His old heart would not have made it a year...but last week we were able to celebrate his 1st birthday. We are so proud of the little guy. He has fought hard and continues to fight. He is an amazing little miracle. And we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays. Next birthday...3 kinds of cake and he better at least try it. Happy Birthday Landen...
PS Pictures will be coming soon.

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  1. Hi Landen
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