Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Winter Over Yet?

This winter seems to never end. I have never particularly liked's cold and it snows a lot, but never has winter seemed so bad as this year. Winter now not only means cold and snow...but germs and sickness. Because Landen is so immuno supressed, he seems to catch everything. We don't even really leave the house and he is still sick too often. Poor little guy celebrated his birthday with 101 fever, an ear infection and a bacterial infection in his stomach. Not really the best mix to have him actually eat his birthday cake. He is such a tough little guy. He spent the whole weekend with a fever over 100 with tylenol every 4 hours. But, Sunday evening he seemed to break the fever seemed to break. The hardest thing about him being sick in not knowing what it is. It is funny that hearing he has some kind of an infection is actually relieving, but it is. I mean I still feel bad for the little guy, but at least it is not him rejecting the heart. The signs of rejection are similar to any kind of cold/flu or infection (increased heart rate, temperature, vomiting,...) It makes for a lot of worry and of course prayers. I am not sure how our amazing doctors and nurses know when to worry and when it is okay. We are just so grateful for the amazing care we receive. So, to sum it all up. Landen is doing well. He seems to catch colds and develop infections, but he gets through them. We are so looking forward to the end of winter and the end of isolation.

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