Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st Annual Heart Cath

What a great day for us. Landen had his annual heart cath and NO REJECTION. We are so grateful. Dr. Grey, who did the heart cath, said it looked a lot better than last time and that everything looked perfect. The word "perfect" is not something that we are used to hearing, so it was great to hear. We are all so glad that things are going so well. Landen is progressing so well. He is crawling and walking with his walker everywhere. His physical therapist said we will have to take the walker away soon because he is too good with it. We also found out that he can climb a flight of stairs, so we had to find the baby gates. Also, along with the heart cath he also had a hearing test. With his syndrome, he has 20-30% of going deaf during childhood. Because of that he has to do a hearing screen every year. The audiologist said his hearing was "perfect". It was such a great day with wonderful news. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses and, of course, the transplant team who have made this such an amazing year. We love all of you! We are also grateful for our son who has fought and worked so hard this year. You are amazing Lando! And also a thank you to our donor family who saved our sons life.

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