Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Little Lamb

As most of you know when Lando recieved his new heart last year on Mother's day, the donor family also sent a stuffed animal...a little lamb. In rememberance of our donor our kids made a little lamb at build a bear. We decided that each year we would do this and give the stuffed animal to someone who was in need of hope. This little lamb gave us so much hope. That night that we recieved the lamb, it gave us strength to get through the rest of Lando's 6 hour surgery and it gives us hope each day we see it. This year we gave it to a family friend who had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is an amazing person. She came in visited us all the way from California between chemo treatments when Lando was still in the NICU. She gave us so much hope while she was here that week. Our family frind, Brenda, unfortunetly lost the battle with cancer one month later. Her lamb that we sent her was on her dresser that whole time and also was at the memorial. Brenda we love you and we are glad that even for that week, our little lamb gave you hope.

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