Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Move

On Tuesday, Feb 9th Landen's doctors at Utah Valley decided that Landen needed to be at Primary Childrens's Hospital in Salt Lake because he needed a cardiologist. Although the transfer was hard, Joe and I both know that he is in the right place. On Wednesday, Feb. 10th... we got some good news... Landen's heart medicine was working. They were going to up the dosage and hope to see even better results. The doctor's were also able to remove the ventilator because the improvement in his lungs. Landen had been trying to remove the ventilator becaus the imporovment in his lungs. Landen had been trying to reomve his ventilator all day. He is probably the biggest newborn at Primary Children's Hospital. He is about12 lbs now, but some of that is water weight that he will eventually lose. On Wednesday night, however, we received a little bit of bad news. They had to put him back on the C-Pap (which is not too bad of news... he is still breathing on his own, his oxygen level just was not as high as they wanted it). Also, a little baby in his room tested positive for RSV. They tested all the other babies in the room and we will find out Friday morning the results. We hope and pray that Landen's RSV test will come back negative. We are so glad that he is a fighter and is doing so well. We still have a ways to go, but we are making improvemnets, so we are so excited.

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