Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our Cardiologist and the rest of the staff here at Primary Children's rock!! They got us on the transplant waiting list today!! We are Priority Status 1B... the only one higher is a 1A. We will be kept here for at least one more night for observation. Lion had some funky beats earlier today and they want to make sure nothing develops from those. If they continue, he will most likely be admitted to the ICU, and put on an IV drip of another medication called Esmolol.. he was on that originally before they got him onto hims current oral meds. There would be pluses and minuses to going to the ICU. Big plus is that he'd be bumped up to Priority Status 1A, the downer is that he'd probably have to stay there until the transplant... so alot of mixed emotions. Everything has worked out up to this point, and we know that things will continue to fall into place. GO LION!!

P.S. thanks everyone for the comments, continued support, love, prayers, and faith. We have the best family/friends ever. We wish that we could respond individually, but please know of our gratitude and love for each of you.

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