Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waiting for a Gift

Hello Everyone. Landen has stabelized out as far as his heart rate goes. The combinations of meds seem to really have things under control. He is slowly going back up on his feeds. His tummy is still bloated but not as bad as the last few days. As his tummy gets better his feeds will go up and hopefully they'll let us start on bottle feeds again... he seems like he wants to eat so thats a good thing.
He really seems like hes in a good place now, and once he gets to eat again I think he'll be a pretty happy little lion.

So currently he is a 1A priority status candidate for transplant. That is the highest he can be on the list. He was raised yesterday from a 1B status. The implementation of IV meds is what qualified him for the higher status. As long as he's on the IV med, he'll be there, but if they decide to take him off the IV med he'll be lowered back to a 1B. This is quite an interesting position to be in, in the aspect of wanting him to be the highest priority on the list, yet wanting him to be poked, prodded, and supplemented as little as possible. I know it is a very interesting position for the doctors to be a part of as well. We are just greatful for the prayers and faith that have accompanied him to this point. We believe that all things are being worked out for his benefit, and have no reason to think they won't continue to fall into place.

We've also begun praying for the family from which Lion's gift of life will come. We've been praying for their comfort and blessings. Its hard to comprehend that from such a tragedy in the life of another family, that such a blessing will be realized in our own. Very humbling.

We are so greatful for the prayers, faith, and efforts being made in Landen's behalf. Much thanks, love, and gratitude to all of our friends, families, strangers, and our Father in Heaven for the watchful care and angels ministering to our son.


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