Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yesterday was a GREAT day. Landen made lots of "little" improvements. Although, they were "little" improvements, to us they seemed HUGE. The preassure on the right side of his heart is where we want it. The pressure on the left side is at 59 (it started at 90 and they want it at 10, so we have a little ways to go, but we are on our way). He also lost 1 lb. of water weight, which will help both his lungs and his heart. He is still on the C-PAP, but he is breathing on his own the C-PAP is just keeping his lungs from collapsing. The only bad news we received was a baby in his room tested positive for RSV. This is something we really do not want. The 3 babies in the room are now in isolation for a week to make sure they do not have RSV also. The upside of this is Landen now has a nice window view. We are so proud of him and his improvements. He looks great. We just can't wait to be able to bring him home.

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