Sunday, May 16, 2010

Story Time & Lion Feeding

What special time it is spending with our little one. We had some great developments during the past couple of days. He started bottle feeding! He's taking very well to it, and in the videos you can see that he likes it!! Even eats in his sleep! That makes a dad who likes to eat very proud! Almost ready for Steaks and BBQs!! We had the first set of genetic tests come back this week with no abnormalities. A second set was also sent out for a couple of syndroms that we want nothing to do with... so everyone keep up the prayers and faith!! They are working! The swollowing he does in the feeding the last couple of days is actually a good sign against one of the syndromes... doesn't mean that its not affecting him, but we'll take the small victories!! Also another piece of good news today was that his ultra-sound today revealed that the space in his lower left chamber had SLIGHTLY increased! This means an increase in blood flow to the rest of the body, and that the walls would have to have had reduced in thickness! VERY EXCITING! KEEP UP THE PRAYERS AND FAITH, THEY ARE WORKING... AND KEEP IT UP SON, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!

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