Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What a great day we had today. Not only did Landen make some progress, but we were able to hold our little baby boy. We had not help him since the day he was born. Before they transported him to Utah Valley, they let us hold him. It had almost been 2 weeks since that day, so to say we were excited is an understatement. Landen also make some little improvements today. They lowered his oxygen to 40% (yesterday they also has to put him back on the C-PAP because his levels were not high enough). The cardiologists also lowered his heart medicine because he is making such improvements and his pain medicaion was also lowered. Our next hurdle is digestion. Landen is being fed through the feeding tuve, but so far his digestion has not kicked in. Once this starts working (which, hopefully, is anytime) Landen can get on oral medicationfor his heart which will help him not gain so much water weight. Again, we are so proud of our little guy. He is making such progress. We love him and cannot wait for the day we can hold him all day long. Keep up the good work, Little Lion. WE LOVE YOU.

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