Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thanks You Letter

On Mother's Day we received the best gift we could have ever received...a new heart for our little 3 month old boy. As many of you know he was born with a large heart which did not function well. Our little boy Landen's heart was getting worse by the day. The surgeon at the hospital told us that his echo (ultrasound of his heart) was so bad it "scared him." Each day as we held our little boy, we prayed that a new heart would come. We also prayed for the family that the heart would come from knowing that is would be very painful for them. When we received the news that Landen got his new heart we rejoiced. We, however, also cryed. They were tears of happiness and sorrow. We knew our sons life would be saved, but our hearts broke for the family that lost their precious child. After the surgery both the anestheologist and the surgeon separately told us how "sick" our baby was. They said he might have looked well, but he was really sick. This made us appreciate the miracle of his new heart even more. We spent the next few days trying to figure out what we could write the family that gave us this wonderful gift. We wanted to tell this wonderful family how much we appreciate this gift. But, how do you write this in a letter? How do you express to a grieving family how there gift has saved the life of your son? Just how can one accurately put that into words? Joe and I both spent days trying to figure it out. The letter was finally written and sent on Friday. We hope that the family knows how much we appreciate this gift. We also hope that somehow our letter will give them comfort knowing they saved the life of our little baby.


  1. Landen is so cute. I will continue to follow and pray for a quick recovery and good health.
    Courtney (CCF Family)

  2. Just knowing they sent the little lamb tells a lot about the donor family...I would imagine your thank you letter is one they will cherish... they know what you would have felt like if it hadn't been for them!